What's the story with Seeke?

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Jeff Dowhen

What's the Story with Seeke?

Dowhen at the Seeke Creative office

I'll answer a question with a question… why is it so easy for people to make content for themselves but companies seem to have the hardest time? We create stories about our lives every day! Photos of our families, videos of what we're up to... isn’t that all marketing is, telling a story?

It’s a fact: people like learning from videos. 66% of Customers prefer video and 83% of Advertisers say video has led to a direct increase in Leads (Wyzowl 2020 Statistics). Does that sound like how you search? Do you click the video?

If this is the case for so many of us then why don't more brands create good video content more often? The simple answer - it can get complex, costly and time consuming. But it doesn’t have to be! There’s a lot on the line when you run a business and your concerns shouldn't be taken lightly, but those barriers rapidly begin to disappear when you stay true to your company and your audience. Being a leader to your customers, showing value and giving an honest offer is always the right way to market.

This year has added more physical distance than ever which gives even greater motivation to lean into the connectivity of content marketing.

Why Seeke, why now? Now more than ever brands need effective and affordable content. Thats's why we started this. To Seeke a better method for content marketing.

Jeff Dowhen, co-founder of Seeke Creative

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