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Jeff Klugiewicz

I’ve been creating for as long as I can remember, it started out with an old camera I borrowed (stole) from my dad to film some friends riding bikes…. I felt compelled to capture what was happening in front of me.  In 2002, the days of dialup internet,  I started uploading videos to the Internet and people all around the world began downloading these “online BMX edits”.  At the time I didn’t realize what I was doing, there was no YouTube or Streaming Platforms, just our little website and Windows Movie Player!  My friends joke that I accidentally created the “Web Edit” and I’ll let them keep the joking.

It just so happened that while filming for these edits and riding close to both our homes I met Jeff Dowhen… From the first time we met, we clicked…. We’re both Jeffs, we both ride bikes, we both are creative in our own way, and we both love bringing people together.

Jeff and Jeff Halloween's Eve 2019

I never would have thought then that 15 years later we would be starting a content company together. For any of you who have spent any amount of time around him know that he always has time for you and that Jeff is always down!  He’s down to catch up, he’s down to help you out, and ultimately he’s down to bring positivity into the world. It was easy to want to be around that type of energy.

When I decided to start this company Jeff was the guy I knew I needed to be at my side.  I wanted to create a company that not only makes video, but creates a more vibrant city adding culture and ideas through events and content that I believe in! And Dowhen is on that same page…. he’s worked in the Action Sports world in creative marketing roles and also at data driven Marketing Agencies. On top of that he’s thrown some of the most well organized and funnest events I’ve ever been to!

In addition to client projects we hope to create content, events, mini-documentaries and anything we can that supports people and missions that we want to see flourish.

We know that every brand and every company has a story and a name just as unique as ours. When Jeff and I take on a project we know that it’s on!

We hold our work to a very high standard simply because our names are behind it. So when a client puts their trust in us to create content for them, we don’t take that lightly, plain and simple we(Seeke and the client) both need to produce a video that we are 100% behind, that not only reaches the audience but tells a compelling story in a captivating way.

With Seeke I hope to partner with brands to create content that I care about…

 If you want to find out more… Hit me up or hit us up on any of our social media platforms(links in the footer).

- Jeff Klugiewicz
Seeke Something Better.

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