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Seeke creates visual and experiential content for client brands. We’re rooted in creating authentic communities for authentic brands with vibrant and inspirational content. Seeke something better.

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Content Creator
Jeff Klugiewicz
Blog Author
Jeff first picked up a camera when he was 16 to film all the fun he and his friends were having riding bikes around the city.
In 2003 capturing the moment and uploading to the internet was as forward thinking as you could get! This fascination led him to filming around the world on a professional scale.
From Sensational BMX Bike edits to Television Series to Online Learning Tutorials his background is remarkable as his work.
Content Management
Jeff Dowhen
Blog Author
Jeff's favorite thing is bringing together people with places, products and brands that meaningfully impact their lives. By creating an experience that lasts beyond the purchase he works to create investors in a brand, not just customers.
He's held nearly 10 years of various Sales and Marketing roles in both the Action Sports world and Traditional Agencies - Jeff knows the right channels, metrics, and questions that drive home your message, value and story.

Julius Carrasquillo
Blog Author
Julius has been creating for as long as we have known him… His eye for creating goes far beyond the lens.
He first started out more in the more traditional arts such as Drawing and Painting… But picked up a camera to film in and around Milwaukee — Capturing lifestyle and Action Sports around the country.  
His ability to see things others have not seen is beyond us. Regardless of what we are doing Julius’ eye adds to any shoot or edit!